Sample Implementation - The Famous Neo4j  Movie Database
Modelling, storing and retrieving data as a graph.

An HTML Web App and a JSON only API - Both Based on NodeJS Express
Full-Stack JavaScript.

Automatic API Validation and Documentation - via Swagger/openAPI
REST. SOA. Microservices. Or whatever you might call it.

User Authentication - Backed by Redis  as a data structure store for key-value pairs and hash maps.
For sessions, login credentials and user accounts.
Based on the the npm module Passport and custom Swagger Security Handlers.

Besides D3JS - Plain JavaScript without Framework Dependencies
HTML templating server-side via Jade.
XHR for client-side calls to the JSON API.

Using Material Design Lite Layouts and Components
Optimized for cross-device userse.

Easy, Reproducible Deployment - Based on Docker
Containerized Infrastructure.

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